Lunar Calendar Wall Decor

Lunar Calendar Wall Decor


We are in a constant dance with our Mother Moon, every phase that passes marks a new chapter of our life. We have been gifted with the opportunity to re- invent ourselves and our intentions with every passing month. Through the practice of surrender, prayer, manifestation and love we have the power to leave our dark past behind and become who we aspire to be.

“Prayer clears the mist and brings back peace to the Soul.” - Hafiz

The feminine Moon celebrates the magic behind womanhood as its phases coincides with our menstrual cycle. The lunar calendar and the menstrual cycle are both typically 28 days and women will typically ovulate around the full moon and menstruate around the new moon. Which is likely why so many cultures have attributed feminine qualities to our mother Moon. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than the creative process we woman hold within our bodies, the ability to create and bring life to Earth .

Last but not least, the lunar calendar was also used by our ancestors as a way to tell the passing of the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). We hope this calendar is a constant reminder of the power our Mother Moon has hold throughout the centuries of humankind.

- Dimensions: 36"l

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