A group of humans that made this manifestation possible


natalia isabel colichon

Main Host/Organiser

I am Natalia Colichon, the creator of this manifestation and sister to all women. My intention behind this gathering is to connect + flow + breath + pray + nourish + nurture + bend + explore + find peace and practice conscious community.

I am married to a loving human, one that spins my world in a conscious, loving, inspiring, nurturing, challenging and nourishing way. He showers me with a delicious light and yummy feelings. We make a small family between the glorious mountains and salty oceans of Australia. My first homes are found both in Honduras and Peru.

I believe that the earth is our sacred mother and we should aim to leave her with a positive life footprint. I have become aware that the way we treat her mirrors the way we treat ourselves and others. So my intention is to encourage everyone to practice creating constant nourishment in order to shape our realities into our most desired dreams.



Creators of the Venue

Meet my family, my father (Hector) and my stepmother (Elga), the creators of this sacred space. These humans are the ones who showed me the beauty behind the natural world and the importance of natural connection. They are some of my eternal sources of inspiration. I am so proud and honoured to be sharing my life manifestation along with theirs.

Altares de Oxapampa has been a life long dream for both my father and stepmother. Together they slowly started nurturing this project when I was 4 years of age (I am 26 now). It all started when they invested in this sacred land, with the aim to nurture and nourish it with life through the seeds of trees, love and respect. They planted forests with breathing + living eco-systems, and gifted Mother Earth the same kind of love she continuously gifts us. Later, they relied on the trees they planted for the creation of our now second home -our sanctuary of peace and connection. Their passion has flourished naturally, their intuition took them to focus on the things that bring the most joy and inspiration to their life. With patience and hard work they successfully accomplished one of their many goals inside this project which is to gift their kids the forgotten connection with our Earth Mother.

It brings me so much joy and inspiration in my heart knowing that my father and his wife both follow the same natural song of Mother Earth. Together through lots of hard work they have brought a once-impossible dream to life.

Oxapampa is a place that holds a lot of loving sentiment in my heart. It is a home that my family and I have been blessed to share for many years. It’s the place where we find a total connection to the presence of others, our surroundings, all living creatures, all breathing eco-systems, our awareness and our intuition.


Sophie smith

Yoga + Meditation Teacher/Sister

I am Sophie, a daughter of the earth and a seeker of the light, I move with the force of life. My passion for nature and deep connections to others steer my intentions rooted in harmony. Yoga, meditation, and pranayama have stretched my body, mind, and breathe, and I long to share this sacred practice to those it speaks too. In my passionate travelling, I have learned and taught yoga in over 10 countries, including the motherland of India, where I studied and received my 200-hour RYT. I give honour to my teachers before me, and I give gratitude for this special opportunity to share the joy with you.

I am Sophie, 
I am a daughter of the earth
I move by the force of nature.

I create harmony and bliss by offering 
my empathy and heart space. I grow, I feel, I see, I learn, I speak, I love, I fear. I have been deceived, abandoned, shunned, and broken. I have also been trusted, found, welcomed, and healed. I choose to turn my suffering to strength. I choose to find lesson in experience. I move with chaos from a perspective of love. I put my energy towards higher living, where higher is more loving, more connected, more simplistic, more self caring, and a more feminine fantasised culture. I feel deeply inspired by my ancestors who brought me to life, with their wisdom instilled in my bones, and I respect my place on this cosmic timeline with their support and understanding. I long to yoke this diverse earth with a harmonious intention. I will allow each moment as an opportunity to grow and bloom and expand and learn. This life shall not be wasted, It shall be ever aiming towards a more peaceful experience, a more loving existence. I will respect and value the masculine energy as a blessing and as an extension of my own life force. I will honour the balance within nature, and the diversity too. 

I am inspired by femininity, I fear it, I love it, I learn from it, I cower in it, I respect it, And I allow it to unleash.