Hello Friends,

We are husband and wife Martin and Natalia, the ones behind Mercadito Natural. Mercadito Natural translates to “little natural market”, and comes with the intention to provide ethical products to you. Welcome and thank you for your support and collaboration to our most significant manifestation. If you are interested in knowing a little bit more about us and our story, click here.

Earth Muses of my life journey

archives that are here to empower our fellow sisters, queens and goddesses.

We, women, are the ultimate motivation for a compelling movement towards a better world. I believe that we create the course of our own reality through our voices, our questions and our choices. When we collectively come together and share the journey of these voices, questions and choices we can empower each other. As we all know this journey can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why I admire it so much. By creating sacred conversations with muses that have helped me grow and alter my personal journey, I pray that their voices, questions and choices spark some kind of enlightenment to you as it did to me. Today I welcome you to read the sacred conversations I have had the honour to have with truly empowering and beautiful women.

I welcome you to connect with me in a personal level through my online journal.

A platform where I share my most personal experiences and emotions. I pray these readings serve you positively and that you read this with only eyes of kindness.

Sustainable Jewellery

We are happy to offer jewellery in a more sustainable approach. All our designs are crafted by using 100% recycled metals including sterling silver and gold. By doing this, we are cutting out the mining factor which is very harmful to the environment. Metals are recycled from various sources including scrap jewellery, photographic waste and industrial surplus. We are also bringing a line of vintage jewellery, one-off pieces found with love across Australia. We strongly feel like we as children of this Earth hold the responsibility to care and help our mother to keep breathing love and life for us.

Coming Soon