The Journey Within Ourselves

This writing is dedicated to the soul who will one day manifest within my womb and into our baby girl/boy. I haven't physically met you yet, but I can feel your spirit wandering around the cosmos. Before you make your arrival to earth-side mummy wants to write you a heartfelt letter about the life journey that awaits you. I pray that this letter serves you to follow your heart towards your future years of living. Remember there is no right or wrong way of doing life. Just stay true to your intuitive nature and your inner spirit. They are the great masters that will guide and help you through everything. I pray you walk your journey with your heart and mind wide open, just like I did.

Unfortunately my darling the world we live in has been overtaken by a lot of greed and anger. Society has built a solid wall over peoples wild instincts. This has led to an epidemic of jealousy, hatred, pain, and grief. It has numbed the spirit within a lot of our fellow brothers and sisters. But don't worry it hasn't spread entirely, we are entering a phase of awakening. Where we focus on what is really important, the humble nature that lives inside us. See when we are born we are made of magical ingredients: love, kindness, happiness, imagination and creativity. I pray that you never lose touch of these instincts because their blossoming will take you where you belong. Always remember to claim your creative power and your right to truly feel no matter what anyone says. Your path is unique so don't compare it to anyone else's. We are like wildflowers, flourishing in different seasons and soils. Remember to always strive to keep your soil clean and nurtured.

The moment you are born you have been gifted a special dance that becomes the fluidity with which you will move through the world. Move until the last breath of your journey. Flow within your own rhythm the way a river does, by doing this you will not crack when significant obstacles come your way. Instead, you will flow through the murky waters and soon find the calmness you are looking for. Promise me you will never hold back your feelings; instead, you will surrender and allow them to flow. This is the only way you will connect with your inner wilding. Learn to embrace whatever darkness or grief that lives inside of you. Learn to face fear and all your worries with nothing but kindness. Remember the dance of your ancestors and dance gracefully with your own shadow. Only move towards the search of your own blossoming.

There will come a time in your human journey where you will question the idea of happiness. Don't worry this is normal, it happens to all of us. Remember that situations like these are meant to be presented to you for your own good. They are here for a reason and no its not to hurt you but to help you understand the true meaning of life. Because we live in a fast-paced life, it's easy for us humans to become distracted in our journey. This distraction will make you experience uncomfortable turbulence inside you. Please remember that whenever the feeling of restlessness hits, you are not breaking but growing. Any unconfrontable situation in your life will be the start of a new lesson. Hold them with much appreciation as they are the moulding of you. The universe is such a magical spirit as its here to teach you that happiness will not be found in anything but inside you. The love you grow and nurture for yourself is the only love that will make you truly happy.

By now I would've explained to you how everything including us human beings is one vast sea of energy. I pray that you learn to surround yourself with those who help you radiate the best kind of power into this world. By doing this not only will you manifest the best in your life but also to those who surround you. You will be a source of love, compassion, kindness and positivity. I hope that you stay connected with your energy even in times of fragility and struggle. Remember that your soul is made up of two essential energies, the masculine and the feminine. The feminine is your waves of emotions, your intuitive wisdom, your love and nurture and your creative spirit. The masculine is your fearlessness to the world and your logical reasoning to situations. Learn to embrace them, respect them and find a balance between them. By doing this you are entering a deep level of consciousness within you, you are learning to understand yourself towards the farthest edge. These two energies will be the Ying and the Yang in your life. They are here to serve you for the better. They will shape the way you think and perceive everything around you. The key is to keep them whole and nurtured in your creative mind.

Our ancestors were so lucky to live in such a wild and natural world. Their doings were ruled by their intuition. There were no rules on how you should move through life. Nowadays our human race has been conditioned to think or act a certain way, and I am here to tell you that I won't put that pressure on you. I want to see your free spirit grow to its full potential, with no barriers or limitations whatsoever. I want you to grow knowing what it means to be human and the privilege we have to habit this Earth. I want you to feel the powerful connection that has been lost between man and nature.

Be gentle to yourself while you gravitate this Earth. Know that your journey will sometimes be overwhelming and it will cause you to make mistakes. No matter how big or small your mistake is don't punish yourself. Instead, forgive and let go, see the light that shines at the end of this lesson. Learn to shift the negative to a positive. For example, instead of questioning why something is happening to you, ask what the situation is trying to teach you. Be soft and kind to your soul, for if you speak to it in a harsh language, you will create a toxic cycle that will wound and sicken you. Remember that our thoughts rule our reality. So thrive to connect with your inner child and remember the power of creating a paradise through your own creative imagination. Just listen, your body and intuitive guidance will communicate. Remember that you can always get your answers within. It will take practice to learn to master this, so I pray that you find the devotion within yourself to listen and find happiness in everything that surrounds you. This, my love, is how you live your life to the fullest.

Remember you will always find a family who loves you between your daddy and me. But I encourage you to create new families along your way, a family of friends and a family of your own. By building new families, you will continuously gain various perspectives on how you view the world. You will learn to love in different ways, and this will expand your heart to the fullest. I pray that you learn that inside each relationship you harvest you allow each other to grow simultaneously. This way you will learn from one another and grow together at the same time. There is nothing more powerful than sharing an experience like this with someone you love. Remember that as we become old, we all change and sometimes this change will either brings us closer together or break us apart. I pray that the love you cultivate is strong and pure, this way letting go won't be out of resentment but purely out of love. Once you experience this, you will understand what I mean when I say that we all flourish in different seasons and soils. Respect it as it is out of our control the way people grow. Be grateful for the experiences that others gift us, good or bad they are here for a reason. Don't judge or compare the journey of others, this will only harm your mind and feed your ego. Whatever we see inside the life of another is just a small glimpse of what their reality is. Be kind to everyone and don't forget to smile.

Last but not least trust your path, it is okay to not know. Life is non-linear, so don't stress. Just remember to always show up for your journey. Remember that every day we embark to is a yet to be written chapter of our life, don't take this for granted and practice to set an intention to create space for new magic to come your way.

Above all the things I pray that you never find yourself thinking you are alone. You will forever be held by daddy and me.

I love you.

please note that I not pregnant nor am I trying.

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