Positive Self-Talk

Us humans need to start being kinder to ourselves. Most of us habit this world while carrying a quagmire of overwhelming feelings. Misery, sadness, sickness, depression, anger, jealousy, dissatisfaction to name a few. We are harsh on ourselves and as a result harsh on others. By doing this, we prevent ourselves from finding lasting peace within our inner nature.

Remember that our reality is created through our thoughts, attitudes, habits and mental perspectives. The way we decide to take on the day or a situation rules over our overall wellbeing.

Here is an interesting approach to daily self-love, write yourself a letter for the next day. Make sure you add your intention of what you want that day to be like. You can write one for every day or one for the whole month, as long as it empowers you to live that day fully. I call it a note to myself for when I am struggling.

I gave it a go, and this was the result of it:

Hello lovely! We meet again.

Yesterday was a bit rocky, but we came out of it.

It's done. You are safe.

Let's make today ten times better, shall we?

Let's start by getting that jar of water from the fridge. Let's hydrate our vessel with water and shower it with kindness.

How are we going to treat ourselves today? Remember how beautiful it feels when we are soft to ourselves? What medicine will we give our body for nourishment? Are we bending our body today to release unwanted tension and fears?

By the way, I wanted to remind you that I love you and I thank you for taking care of us.

I know we sometimes lose focus, but its okay. That is the beautiful way of being human. The rocky moments are meant to be here. They are our teachers. I pray that if today you come upon the turbulence of life you take away only the positive. Remember that whatever you take out of it will be what rules your reality. So try not to grasp over the negative as it will only sicken you. This is how you will flourish.

Have a beautiful day and don't forget to breathe and smile.

While writing this letter, I couldn't help but notice how much I was smiling.

I pray that this technique of self-love helps those in need of a little kindness. Thank you for taking your time to read.


Natalia Colichon