A sweet short love letter to my husband

Martin and I have been asked to write a “love story” of our entire relationship. Going back through all the memories that have made up 5 whole years has brought up sweet emotions. So while the creativity is still flowing through my blood, I have decided to write a small letter to my loving husband whom I admire and love the most. I am an oversensitive and over-emotional person, so pouring my heart into words just helps me balance everything, plus Martin seems to like it.


Let me take you back to the night we let ourselves open into full trust between each other. We were drinking wine in the pool of my hotel in Bali. Two completely different humans that have been separated by continents suddenly met and made everything feel like home. That night we shared conversations that are sacred to one another, we let ourselves untangle into the sweet intimacy of our connection. We cried, we laughed, and we gave our first kiss. It was out of this world magical, so different and mysterious. We had no plans for the future, we were just there in that moment, fully connected to the energy that surrounded us.

Since then our lives have changed, but we have always managed to stay connected to the deep energy of our love. There is no change big enough to break that connection apart. Together we have been through the rockiest of roads and the sweetest of dreams. Through these experiences of bliss and chaos, we have been taught that love is not what we think it is nor what we want it to be. Love is not any of the labels we used to give, and it's not the qualities or characteristics society has made us believe it embodies. Love is about letting each other just be, just exist, in its own being. I am grateful to dance this life with you with such openness and freedom. Our love is not a restriction on our souls instead an opportunity for growth and joy. Because love is something so big to understand, we are continually evolving together. So while tangoing the divine beauty of the love we share lets always keep in mind that we are still learning and in between, we will be falling and rising.

Thank you for being the warrior in my life. Waking up to you, in the middle of the rainforest, soaking in the calmness of the ocean, reminds me of how good we really have it. Thank you for your unconditional love and support, you manage to keep my heart always so so full. You will forever be my source of inspiration, joy and light.

I love you forever


Artwork: Rachel Bennett