Language as Medicine

Language either being verbal or through movement is the purest and most vulnerable medicine for all mankind.

A vocabulary of such soft delicate manner is necessary for the survival of ourselves and our spirits. If we speak with words of love then love will shine in and through us.

For us women especially the language we carry within ourselves dictates the experience of our life journey. Like the relationships between other beings, we shall communicate ourselves verbally and physically through love and respect. Loving words are to be practised and meditated upon regularly in order to attract positive manifestation. Language is medicine free of cost and available to us at any time at any place.

Women hold the heart of a warrior with softness only we can understand, it operates through the pumping of our blood and the sensibility of our emotions. How we choose to speak to ourselves determines how we care and nurture what we love and appreciate the most.

The power behind language helps us cultivate unconditional love for ourselves. It creates courage for the making of our own reality. It births confidence, compassion, affection and humility. It radiates gratitude for our lives and it makes us listen to the deepest voice of our intuition.

Language can also be expressed through the rhythm of our vessels. The voice behind a movement is always manipulated by the heart and soul centred. It is an untamed, unfiltered, wild expression of ourselves. It allows us to take up space unapologetically for who we really are.

Through history, we women have been instructed to bow our heads with respect and silence our voices. It is through our delicate sensual movement that our pent-up emotions, so repressed in everyday life are released through uninhibited motions. It is our own rhythm that we shall follow, our own unrestrained movements that we shall communicate with. It is through movement that our female ancestors fluidly expressed the acceptance of their restricted existence.

Language is our spirit.

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Natalia ColichonComment