These magical wooden cabins are held by the sacred land that sustains all life inside the jungles of the Selva Alta region. This bountiful green eco-system was once native to the “Yanesha” native community, one of the many tribes that resided all throughout the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. A sanctuary vibrating still to our ancestral/native ways and all its cosmic energy.

It is in this land that my family and I share some of our most precious memories. Deeply immersed to the ways of nature we found stillness in our mind, peace in our thoughts, love in our hearts, flow in our movement, and connection to all that breathes and lives. It is with great honour that I receive this land in order to manifest my dreams into reality.

It is a dream of mine to create spaces held within the power of love for all our women around the world. Sisterhoods that shower kindness, compassion, and respect. Sacred spaces where our hearts are nurtured and our thoughts nourished. Circles that welcome positive growth and empowerment. Ceremonies curated as delicious medicine for our souls. Gatherings that take us back to our feminine ancestral ways. Connections that warm the heart and flourish our lives.

Honoured I bow my head and open my arms to you. I welcome you to share this dream, this land, this experience with me. I welcome you to a space infused in loving intuitive alchemy.

I hope to meet you while sharing delicious energy and flow.

Light and Love - Natalia Colichon⟡



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⟡Querida Mujer⟡

A tí que acudes a un claro de bosque a econtrarte en otras contigo misma.

A tí que te descubres en mí y me descubro en tí.

A tí que llevas entre las piernas y entre las cejas y en el corazón un mundo nuevo.

A tí que has recorrido un largo camino hasta este presente que nos regalamos juntas.

A tí que hablas con los ríos, con los árboles, con el fuego, con el viento, y con las direcciones.

A tí que te celebras cíclica y honras las estaciones.


Que son nuestras historias la misma, eso he aprendido. Que cuando una mujer sana, sanan todas. Que cuando una mujer baila, el Universo entero danza con ella.

-Festival Tierra de Lunas 

⟡Playlist: retiro mujeres divinas ⟡

I welcome you to dance through our retreat vibes in advance by following this private playlist