Our Story

Hi! We are Natalia Colichon and Martin Johns, the creators of Mercadito Natural (little natural market), a manifestation born upon our imagination, curiosity and fascination with the natural world. We share two significant roles in life: business partners and husband & wife. Together we hope to bring an authentic shopping experience by selecting ethically sourced, homemade, and well-curated offerings, art and adornments. Our goal is to help remember the forgotten equilibrium/connection between man and Earth. We are great enthusiasts of Mother Earth, and we feel called to protect and love her the same way she does. This is why we decided to open Mercadito Natural, a creation beyond consumerism, where commerce delivers a conscious, ethical, beautiful and intuitive way of living. For us, the identification with mother nature is far more valuable than anything else.

A little bit about each other:

We met 5 years ago in Bali, Indonesia. Martin was living the Bali surf life, and I was doing a study abroad in Hong Kong while being in my last year of University (SCAD). We shared fascinating conversations under the night sky while also skinny dipping in the hotel pool. Our connection was out of this world, it was an electric high. Our relationship since has been so strong that we decided to become life partners. We got married this year (July 20th, 2018) and we are now looking forward to a sustainable way of living. Our family is a mix of Australia and Latin America.

Martin shares his passion for science, chemistry and geology with me. I share my curiosity for plants, my creative spirit, and my love for mother Moon.

We are both artists swimming in an ocean agitated by our Mother Moon.

We like to dream, imagine, love, and create.

We both share the curiosity of the unknown and the natural world.

Birth Signs: cancer/leo 

Birth Element: water/fire 

Ruling Planet: the moon/the sun